Summer Sorbet
Total: 10 hr 30 min
Prep: 30 min
Yield: 1 quart

Enjoy the warm summer with this Sorbet recipe. Sorbet is indeed quite similar to a smoothie. Only as healthy as a smoothie but a bit sweeter and much easier. The only difference is that you are adding frozen fruit, slight accent liquid, and plenty sweetener to reach that sweet-tart sorbet flavor.
Here’s your all time-time favorite Summer Sorbet recipe.


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2 pounds fresh fruit, any combination of berries or stone fruit

8 ounces sugar

1-ounce of squeezed lemon juice

1/2-ounce vodka

Pinch of kosher salt

How To Make It
Rinse, stem and cut into half large strawberries. Peel the stone fruits, halve and chop big specimens into half inch pieces
In a food processor, puree the fruit along with the sugar, lime juice, vodka, and salt. Pour into another container and freeze till the mixture reaches approximately 40 degrees F for four to six hours.
Churn inside an ice cream machine as per the instructions of the manufacturer until the mixture appears similar to a soft serve ice cream. Freeze for four hours in an airtight container or until ready to serve.

You can use various creamy fruits to get the optimal texture for your sorbet which makes it neither very icy nor creamy. Bananas give you the creamy sorbet texture. You can add a pinch of health to this sorbet by adding 15 drops of CBD oil which helps you to boost your metabolism, remain anxiety free, and receive the benefits of its neuroprotective, heart and brain-boosting qualities and getting instant relief from joint inflammation and chronic pain.

You can feel free to become more creative with ingredients. These sorbets are fat-free and you can whip up your own sorbet flavors like trying creamy coconut banana, raspberry lime or peach cinnamon and more. Relish the summer heat with these colorful sorbets lying inside your freezer.

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