Spring has arrived and the perfect way to welcome it is by preparing a refreshing tea which is great for sharing it with your friends. A wonderful herbal drink, it can be also stored inside the fridge as an option to water. Let’s prepare this summer elixir that is infused with CBD to make it a wellness potion. Here’s the recipe for CBD fresh mint tea that has been sweetened with avocado infused CBD honey from The Keepers Stash that leaves a tantalizing taste.

Time Taken To Prepare: 10 minutes

Servings: Four glasses


  • Fresh mint leaves measuring 2 handfuls, and some more for garnishing
  • Filtered water measuring 4 cups
  • The Keeper’s Stash for taste
  • A lemon squeeze which is optional

Method Of Preparation:

  • Keep the water to 190 degrees F or almost to a boil. Put the fresh mint inside a glass container and spill the hot water over its top.
  • Soak the leaves for ten minutes and then remove it
  • Let the tea cool down for half an hour before mixing The Keeper’s Stash CBD enhanced Avocado Honey. End the cooling of the tea and serve over ice and a sprout of fresh mint.

This pure and invigorating CBD infused mint tea is delectable and cools your body and helps to de-stress. The CBD used in this drink is water soluble as oil-based CBD tea cannot be extracted in warm water. Using water-soluble CBD you get a higher bioavailability as the CBD extracts blends inside the hot tea thereby offering your body the optimum benefits of CBD.

Every cup of this CBD enhanced mint tea soothes your stomach and invigorates your senses. The infusion of CBD in this drink helps to alleviate pain, anxiety and bolsters the mood. Besides, it also works like an antioxidant and a neuroprotectant and boosts your heart and brain health. Sipping CBD tea can also help in blocking the neurotransmission towards pain receptors within the brain and helps to curb a debilitating headache.

A Relaxing Drink That Bolsters Your Body

CBD tea

This healthy drink is a great way to unwind as CBD when mixed in tea relaxes your nervous system by calming it down as well as your complete body. CBD tea creates no jitters and does not intervene with your productivity levels, but rather improves your metabolism by directly communicating with the endocannabinoid mechanism which is a complex circuit of receptors that balances our various biological processes.
This herbal tea packs the power of mint which has unique qualities that aid in eye health, digestion and contains nutrients along with its rich aroma.

Further, this recipe is easy to prepare and takes less time besides being an organic sleep aid. Both the phytocannabinoid CBD and the mint offer relaxing effects and soothes the mind for an undisturbed, deeper sleep. Ingesting CBD in the form of tea or beverages release it more gradually into your body and will cause no irritation to your lungs if prone to respiratory problems.

Stacked with vitamins and strong antioxidants, CBD infused mint tea offers valuable nutrients and also detoxifies your body. Prepare this wellness supplement and enjoy the combined benefits of CBD and mint in this herbal tea packed with vitamins.

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