Looking for an easy and simple way to cool down this summer? Then there is no better option than a nice and refreshing drink. Today in the article you will read about the amazing drink which is, CBD infused Watermelon Breeze. You must be wondering what is CBD or why I’m using CBD in this drink. Further, in this article, you will get all your answers.

CBD or well known as Cannabinoid is extracted from the flowers of the hemp plants. Unlike THC, CBD won’t get you high because CBD is completely non-psychoactive in nature. Our body has an Endocannabinoid System and CB1 & CB2 receptors which are responsible for maintaining homeostasis of your body. Many studies have revealed that CBD can help you in fighting with chronic and acute pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, seizures, arthritis, nausea, vomiting, diabetes, bacterial infection, skin disorder, bone-related problems and many more.

CBD Infused Watermelon Breeze

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Summers can be very uncomfortable without refreshing drinks so without wasting any more time lets take a look into this recipe.

Required Ingredients (Serves 2)

  • Three cups cubed watermelon (Chilled)
  • One cup of coconut water
  • Fresh lime juice
  • Ice (optional)
  • Sprig of mint

Direction to prepare

This drink is very easy to prepare all you have to do is that put all ingredients in the blender. Blend it until the texture is smooth and fine. All few drops of Full Spectrum CBD oil in it and your drink is ready to serve.

Benefits of using Watermelon

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Watermelon is delicious fruit but there is a number of benefits of eating watermelon. You will be surprised to know that watermelon has just 46 calories and it is a rich source of Vitamin C and Vitamin A. Below there are some benefits of having watermelon.

  1. Watermelon has 92% of the water in it. High water content in watermelon will keep you hydrated for a whole day.
  2. Watermelon contains nutrients and other beneficial compounds. Watermelon is a low-sugar fruit which is good for a healthy lifestyle.
  3. There are some other compounds present in watermelons such as cucurbitacin E and lycopene which are useful for preventing cancer.
  4. Watermelon has healthy-heart components which prevent you from heart disease.
  5. Watermelon is a great source of Vitamin C which reduces inflammation.
  6. Essential nutrients in watermelon promote good skin and hair.
  7. The fiber in watermelon promotes healthy digestion.

Get benefits of CBD in Watermelon Breeze

Using CBD and goodness of watermelon just increases the number of health benefits. CBD is very effective against different medical conditions and above I have mentioned all the important benefits of CBD so now you can imagine.

I hope you like my this article and if you have any suggestions or questions related to this article then feel free to mention it in the comment section.

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