A refreshing tea is one of those treats which we can never say No to. They are great to prepare for gatherings with your loved ones. Tea not only refreshes us but also is one of the best ways to beat the stress and drowsiness of a tiring day. I personally prefer to keep my tea cool and having it as a herbal and cool alternative to water. But do you know, this tea can do wonders if combined with a magical remedy?

This magical remedy known as Cannabidiol or CBD is a very beneficial remedy and can be used to treat many health issues. Including CBD in your tea can be an effective and healthier option. CBD is a cannabinoid which is extracted from the Hemp plant. It has many therapeutic and medicinal benefits and is very helpful in treating health issues like anxiety, stress, depression and more.

CBD Fresh Mint Iced Tea

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This spring season, get away with those spring blues and prepare this CBD Fresh Mint Iced Tea with us and feel super cool. Moreover Mint is well known for its super amazing qualities such as soothing an upset stomach, treating bad breath, reducing fever, improving mental health and a lot more. Know more about Mint Tea benefits in this article.https://www.cupandleaf.com/blog/benefits-of-mint-tea

This tea is fresh and includes CBD which will make it more refreshing and healthier. It is super easy to make and you can have it at any time of the day. It will beat that summer heat and stress of the tiring day. So let’s get started

Time took:10 minutes ( To cool-1 hour)
Servings: 4 glasses


  • 2 handfuls of fresh mint leaves and some more for garnish
  • 4 cups of water (preferably filtered)
  • Full Spectrum CBD in cold-pressed hemp. This CBD oil is from ThoughtCloud CBD.
  • A squeeze of Lemon (this is optional)


1. Pour the water in a pan and bring it near to a boil.

2. Now Place the Fresh Mint leaves in a glass container and pour the hot water over the top.

3. Soak the mint leaves for almost 10 minutes and then discard them.

4. Now Allow the tea to cool for at least 30 minutes and then add a few drops of Full Spectrum CBD oil in it. Now finish the cooling process completely. You can also keep it iced by adding a cube of ice in it.

Your Refreshing CBD Mint Iced Tea Is Ready.

Do not forget to garnish your tea with a fresh mint sprig. This cold tea is the ultimate way to relax and rejuvenate you after a long day at work. The CBD oil will help you to fight the anxiety and stress as well as will induce calmness in you.
You can also make this tea at a party and enjoy its soothing effect with your friends.

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