CBD is a plant powerhouse and among the most prolific chemical compounds with a wide range of medical benefits. It does not create any hallucinogenic or psychedelic effects. Research has indicated CBD to efficiently lower seizures in epileptic patients such as those suffering from rare types of epilepsy, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, and Dravet syndrome. A prescription drug named Epidiolex having CBD as its main ingredient was recently approved by the Food and Drug Administration for treating these two forms of epilepsy. Other conditions which it may benefit include Alzheimer’s disease, anxiety, depression, Parkinson’s, cancer, and other maladies. CBD may also ease inflammation, supply antioxidants and alleviate pain.

What Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome Means?

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Lennox-Gastaut syndrome (LGS) constitutes an acute type of epilepsy that typically manifests in infancy or early childhood. Impacted children witness different kinds of seizures most popularly tonic, atonic and atypical absence seizures. Children having Lennox-Gastaut syndrome might also contract cognitive dysfunction, lags in attaining developmental milestones and behavioral issues. Lennox-Gastaut syndrome can result from various underlying conditions, though in a few cases there is no identifiable cause. Lennox-Gastaut syndrome can be hard to treat as it is resistant to different types of antiseizure drugs. Research is continuing to locate and analyze new treatments for Lennox-Gastaut syndrome.

Lennox-Gastaut syndrome might also be categorized as cryptogenic, during which the cause is unascertained or cannot be known after evaluation. Cryptogenic cases are supposed to emanate from an undisclosed condition (secondary Lennox-Gastaut syndrome). Persons with cryptogenic Lennox-Gastaut syndrome do not carry an earlier history of seizure activity, previous neurological issues or cognitive damage before the growth of the disorder. Cryptogenic cases commonly carry a later onset as against symptomatic situations.

In a few cases of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, no attached condition is available or assumed and the reason for the disorder is not known.

Causes Of Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome

CBD For Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome
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In nearly 70-80% of patients, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome carries a recognizable cause. These cases may be signified to as symptomatic Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. Instances of conditions can lead to Lennox-Gastaut syndrome include unusual growth of the brain cortex (cortical dysplasia), stroke, congenital infections, trauma, lessened oxygen production that happens prior to birth (perinatal hypoxia), infections of the central nervous system like encephalitis or meningitis and a specific, genetic disorder known as tuberous sclerosis. Nearly 17-30% of people with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome possess a prior history of West syndrome. Generally, these cases are inclined to be more acute.

Signs And Symptoms

CBD For Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome
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The symptoms of Lennox-Gastaut syndrome normally start in infancy or childhood, most frequently between 3 to 5 years of age. Multiple kinds of seizures, which are primarily electrical disturbances in the brain, impact kids with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome. Most sufferers witness diverse types of seizures, many times across the day. As impacted persons get older, the kinds and frequency of seizure activity may alter.

The most popular kinds of seizures linked with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome include tonic and atonic seizures. Tonic seizures lead to greater muscle tone and stiffness of muscle. Atonic seizures lead to a sudden reduction of muscle tone and limpness. They can result in dropping or nodding of the head, posture problems or accidental falls.

How CBD Helps In Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome

US Food And Drug Administration (FDA) acknowledged Cannabidiol or CBD (Epidiolex) oral solution in sufferers aged 2 years and more for the therapy of acute and specific kinds of epilepsy, Lennox-Gastaut syndrome, and Dravet syndrome.

In a study involving 516 patients with Lennox-Gastaut syndrome or Dravet syndrome, CBD’s capability was analyzed in 3 arbitrary, double-blind, placebo-regulated clinical examinations comprising CBD consumed with other drugs. Results displayed CBD to be successful in lowering the regularity of seizures when contrasted with placebo.

Epilepsy is among the most popular neurological ailments and CBD helps in countering epilepsy due to its neuroprotective properties. They also help to tone up muscle control which is lost due to this ailment.

As epileptic episodes result from random electrical discharges and misfiring of the brain cells, convulsions can result within the body and at times the senses can also get altered. CBD being an anticonvulsant can help in curbing such sporadic seizure and epileptic occurrences.

Epilepsy has been found to result from head injuries, an imbalance in the hormones or from viruses. Various studies have hinted at the potential of CBD to directly impact hormonal levels. The hormone cortisol negotiates our fight or flight response and CBD can handle effectively the cortisol levels and lower anxiety and mood fluctuations.

Conclusion On CBD For Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome

Conventionally, sufferers from epilepsy are often prescribed anticonvulsants like valproic acid or clonazepam that have their own adverse effects and become ineffective after constant use. Cannabidiol or CBD stands as a viable natural therapy with no side effects and induces no such drug tolerance as prescriptive anticonvulsants do. To prove this point the anti-epileptic drug Epidiolex which has been approved by the FDA with CBD as its active ingredient has made this cannabinoid an accepted treatment for the rare type of epilepsy known as Lennox-Gastaut and Dravet syndrome.

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